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Environmental Policy


Policy Statement


The company is aware of its responsibilities in relation to the wellbeing of its employees in providing a suitable environment in which to work and operate. This policy reflects the importance of environmental concerns and issues relating to the workplace and the protection and welfare of its employees, visitors and other persons who may be affected.


  1. To ensure that it complies with all statutory requirements, the company will take steps.
  2. To ensure that effective environmental procedures are developed and maintained within the company.
  3. To ensure that a positive environmentally responsible safety culture is developed and that each employee understands and recognises their responsibilities.
  4. To ensure that employees are aware of their responsibilities both within the concepts of good safety concerns but also in relation to the protection of the environment within which they work.
  5. To achieve continual improvement in the conditions for employees, visitors and others who may be affected by the company’s activities.
  6. To work with employees, suppliers and contractors to minimise environmental impact.
  7. To encourage the protection of the environment and to work within acceptable guidelines to ensure the protection of employees.
  8. To encourage the responsible sourcing of products to reduce environmental impact and, wherever possible, to source materials locally.
  9. To encourage the development of business with local organisations and communities Implementation

In working to achieve our objectives, the company will:

  •  Periodically undertake a review of the policy and update where necessary.
  •  Monitor and review the environmental impacts of the business.
  •  Work with all employees to constantly attempt to improve the standards in place.
  •  Select suppliers and contractors having regard to their own environmental practices wherever possible.
  •  Educate employees on their safety and environmental responsibilities through suitable training and communication of information.
  •  Ensure that all employees work in a safe and decent environment with acceptable working conditions suitable to their employment.
  •  Work in partnership with others to improve environmental conditions and to achieve more sustainable business practices.


The company is committed to ensuring that this policy remains legally compliant and consistent with current practices. It will be subject to regular review and update where necessary.